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Wedding Testimonials

"I have used Erin Williams for all my special occasion makeup needs, so it was a a no brainer to choose her for my wedding day. True to form, she did absolutely beautiful work. I have her the concept of my look (ethereal, flushed cheeks, doe-eyed, etc), and she created a look that was exactly what I hoped for. We did a trial where we played with two different lip ideas (both great), then on the day itself, she replicated it perfectly. No cakey heaviness ever with her, no wondering if it's going to hold up, or if you'll still look like yourself… I felt absolutely my most beautiful that day, and Erin was a huge part of it. She also did my mom's makeup, and she has also never looked so beautiful. Highly recommend!!"

-J. Neale-Baldwin, Bride


"Thanks again for being so awesome .  We were all so thrilled with how the makeup looked.  My mom, sister and I were amazed that all of our makeup was still perfect at 4am at the after party!"
- N. Petrilli, Bride

"Thank you for the great job you did on my makeup for my wedding.  I don't usually wear much makeup and my fiance and I didn't want my look to be drastically different, but wanted to make sure I looked as good as possible on that day.  Erin listened to my concerns and kept with the neutral colors I was used to.  When she wanted to add a little more color she always asked to make sure I was comfortable with it.  I have never felt as beautiful as I did that day.  I was never self-conscious about my make up, or concerned that it would be too much.  It perfectly complimented the look I was going for.  I really appreciated the time Erin took to understand my comfort level, but helped heighten my look in a manner I felt comfortable with."
- K. Roehr, Bride

"Erin, thank you so much for doing my makeup for my wedding! You were so good at listening to what I wanted and made great suggestions to bring out my best features. You were wonderful!"
- C. Scott, Bride

"Erin really listens to the look you're going for and then delivers beyond all expectations. She is patient, on time and fun. She helped me feel relaxed on my special day. The photos look great too and the makeup stayed on all day and night."
- L. Hook, Bride

"I was hesitant to hire someone to do my makeup for my wedding because I thought that I knew my face and the look I wanted better than anyone.  In looking back on all the components of what pieced my wedding day together to make it a smooth day, I can honestly say that having Erin in charge of both myself and my mother's makeup was the best decision I made.  She made me look and feel beautiful.  Her direct and gentle communication style is what make her so easy to work with and talk to about the exact look I was going for.   Erin is a professional and an extremely talented makeup artist.  She would not let you look anything but gorgeous!  What day could that be more important than your wedding day?!  I was so grateful to have worked with Erin and would strongly recommend Erin, not only for a wedding day but for any event that you need to be looking beautiful!  Thank you so much Erin, for a beautiful wedding day, and I look forward to working with you again."
- M. Fisher, Bride

"You know how every bride tends to not look like herself on her wedding day when the makeup artist paints on a "new face", well that is certainly not the case when you are in the hands of the talented makeup artist, Erin Williams.
I am a woman  who wears minimal makeup but knew I needed something to look good in the pictures for the big day. Well Erin used her talent and expertise to enhance my natural features with minimal makeup. I as well as my new husband, my friends and family just raved about how glowing my skin and makeup looked. Throughout the entire evening my makeup remained perfect and all I needed to do was reapply my lipstick. All of the other soon to be brides at my wedding asked for her information."
- M. Hawthorne, Bride

"Erin was very professional, skillful and helpful in giving me a new look for a special occasion. I was very pleased with the colors she chose and her application of the products resulted in just the look I was hoping for. I would strongly recommend her services for an every day look or a special occasion."
- N. Kimbrough, Mother of Groom

"Dear Erin, I wanted to write you a note to thank you for the wonderful job you did with the makeup for my daughter's wedding.  You were able to capture the exact look that I wanted as well as create an absolutely radiant look for the bride!
Makeup is such a personal issue and it takes a real professional to be able to have the rare ability to sense not only what looks good on someone, but to be able to present it and "pull it all off" to please them.  You did just that!  You were able to take the 30 year age difference between the "mother of the bride" and the "bride" and please them both.  Our looks were totally different and each very sophisticated and appropriate for our age group and role for the wedding day.  You aim to please, have a professional and warm demeanor, and are extremely skilled in making others feel good about themselves.
Thank you again for making our wedding day "looks" a sure thing.  Because I only have one daughter, guess I will have to conjure up another special occasion to have you help us out!"
- B. Kimble, Mother of Bride

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